Samvet Trust is founded by Yog-Guru Shambhu Sharan Jha, who is popularly called, ‘Guruji’, by his students. This organization has been active for more than 15 years now in Mumbai. Shambhuji who hails from Bihar learnt the Science of  SABIJ and NIRBIJ Pranayam under the tutelage of Param Gurudev 1008 Ramanand Shastri and guidance of Shri Shyam Narayan Jha. It's a unique science of Body, Mind and Spirituality which is unknown to today’s era. It sets itself apart from other forms of general Pranayam, which was exclusively passed on by Param Gurudev Shri Ramanand Shastri to Yog-Guru Shambhu Sharan. Yog-Guru Shambhu Saran embodied Param Gurudev Ramanand’s vision of Yoga for prevention of disease, the embodiment of joyful nature and getting connected to the Universe through it. SABIJ  and NIRBIJ is an advanced science of Pranayam done with a specific ratio. Additionally, Yog-Guru Shambhu Sharan is expert in science of healing through Mantras & excels in Tantrik studies including Bhairavi sadhna.


Understanding the Science


Studies have proved that on an average, a human body can survive for 20 days without food and 9 days without water but can't sustain for more than 4 mins without oxygen. This depicts the importance of oxygen in our lives; without it there is no existence of life. A human body has two receptors that connect it to the universe. One is responsible for the growth and second is for general functioning of the body. However, after certain age (30+), the growth receptor weakens thus resulting in process of ageing. This is why we need to activate the growth receptor and strengthen the body functioning receptor by performing Sabij & Nirbij pranayam.This helps our body to heal, grow & slow the process of ageing along with increase in longevity of life.


Guruji teaches the science of Sabij and Nirbij Pranayam in a Spiritual and Scientific way for prevention and cure of Heart Diseases, Spinal Cord Alignment, Hypertension, Cancer, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Stress etc. This form of Pranayama helps in eliminating Negativity, generating Positivity and aligning with the energies of the Universe that help create balance in all aspects of life such as: personal life, career, job, relationships. At Samvet we  give motivational speeches and counselling is conducted at the public and personal level. We assist in understanding the teachings of Geeta, Shiv Puran and Ramayan, Fusion of Modern and Vedic Science, Ancient Vedic Science, Spirituality, Inner Peace etc. We also guide to maintain an Organic Diet to cure and prevent diseases along with the science of slow aging, kundalini jagran and activation of 7 chakras.


Samvet's vision is to educate and heal.Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Research centres, are the operations that would be carried with the fusion of Modern and Indian Vedic Science and technology for a better society with healthy and happy people.This would be done in coordination with Government and Private bodies.






My Pranayama journey with Shambhuji gives me a sense of being blessed! Having experienced different forms of Kriya’s, Sabij and Nirbij Pranayam that I practice feel very different and potent!

My blood pressure has stabilised, I feel energetic. My internal health keeps getting better. I’m losing inches without looking fatigued.”

Shambhuji not only helps you get better in your physical health BUT ALSO, when there is an emotional upheaval, I have found deep wisdom and solutions emerge from my conversations with him! Much Gratitude Shambhuji!

Masarrat Mona Fakih

​Owner/ Director

Allegiance Advisors Pvt. Ltd.


I am glad to be introduced to Samvet Yoga. It has really improved my breathing and increased my energy level. Now I don't feel any excursion while climbing the stairs or walking fast. I am thankful to Guruji Shambhu Sharan Jha for making our morning yoga an enjoyable and fun experience.

Jyoti naik 

HR manager

SVS Securities Pvt Ltd



After just six months of yog and pranayama under the guidance of Guruji, I feel fresh and energetic. 

I could barely sit crossed legged for 5-7 mins but I  can now sit in ardh padmasan for more than an hour.

My sciatica problem is also solved.

My breathing pattern and intake capacity have vastly improved.

I have become more patient, calm and confident than before. 

Yog and Pranayam have become a way of life for me.

Harsha Shah

63 years.

President - Khadayta Bhuvan Mandal.


The introduction to controlled and supervised Pranayam has helped me tremendously. My focus and attention span has vastly improved. Thoughts are aligned and there is a renewed zeal and vigour in the daily activities. 

I wish to continue learning and applying this science, tapping its full potential to realize the benefits of physical, emotional and spiritual fulfilment.

Milan Shah

CO-OWNER - Standard Mechanical and Iron Works ( Mfg )


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