Back in Mumbai from L.A.

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

It was heavy traffic with hot and humid weather when I opened the window of my car from airport. People sweating and frustrated with honking and yelling in between. The whole aura seemed tensed just that I was not new with the colors of mumbai city. Thoughts of spa flew through my mind and the smile on my face was imminent threat for my work plans. Putting the thought aside i took a deep breath and started focusing about the meeting I was scheduled.

It took me two hours to reach juhu, entering Novotel I started sweating like a pig once out of Car A.C.

On the poolside table she was waiting with tomatosoup stirred desperately.

Looking at her in lost all my fatigue. Pleasant as ever she threw me a smile which ended in an eventual kiss lasting ling enough holding on to each other like we were never apart ever. I missed you were her soft words as I mentioned that I missed her just as much...much happened after which I will mention not...and reached my meeting as she had scheduled it for tomorrow then.

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