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Want to know about us? is a business listing management portal which provide catering to the metropolitan cities of India. It is a portal with business and services listed showcasing product or services encouraging buyers and sellers to interact and connect.

It channelizes only to the given search query assuring accuracy and transparency.

TRIVLIO exactly seeks the search query and provide accurate results. If in case the given search query is invalid or not available then rather than giving haywire or absurd results, it asks the user to connect directly without hesitation.

It bridges the gap between the seller and buyer helping buyers to get specific and précised options and sellers by ensuring better placement of their product or service.

It can be accessed through any web browser on PCs,laptops, phones, smart phones, tablet pc and smart pads. It will be available in app format on all the platforms very soon.

We follow the format of digital India and look forward to grow along with our fellow Indians.

Trivlio Benifits

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Provide 'Printable’ Voucher

We Create a 'Printable’ Voucher, discounted deals as well as online deals to boost referrals and word of mouth interest

Get accurate results

We provide accurate results rather than showing absurd results, it asks the user to connect directly without hesitation.

Embedded Keywords

We embedded Keywords as per business so user can find desird busines via our search engines

Free Deals

Pay nothing to buy any deal listed on just login > claim deal > get email & done. Pay later at the outlet with disconted price.

Genuine Information

We provide Genuine & accurate information of buisness to simplify users life

Rating & Review

We have rating & review System so it easier to koww more about Business

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